Punch Master - Punching Game
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Welcome to Punch Master - Punching Game - Swipe to punch! Kick enemies & knock them out of the arena in punching games!

Are you ready to become a punch man? Punch them all and get rid of your frustration. Swipe to punch your opponents! Punch master 3d is a very cool physics-based ragdoll fighting game that will give you unlimited fun. The goal is to knock your opponent off balance or inflict critical damage. Punch
your opponents by swiping up, down, right & left. Increase your players' level by playing training mode. Play tournaments to increase your player ranks & upgrade your player. You can choose & customize your favorite player's face, outfits, punches & flags. As we know that practice makes a man perfect, So the more you play this game the better you'll get on this. Play bonus levels and take out all of your ages.

How to Play Punch Master 3D:

⚡ Swipe up, left & right to punch your opponent.
⚡ Swipe down to dodge your opponent.
⚡ Fight till the end & knock down your opponent to win.
⚡ Upgrade your player.
⚡ Play training mode to increase your player strength, speed & stamina.

Punch Master 3D Game Features:

✔Tons of levels.
✔Bring the best ragdoll physics experience.
✔Unlimited fun.
✔Original fighting mechanics.
✔Multiple collections of outfits.
✔Multiple collections of punches.
✔A lot of challenges in many playing modes.
✔Many characters for you to choose from.
✔Amazing bonus levels.
✔Country flag selection.

Download this fighting game and demonstrate how you want to handle your fist, kicks, punches, and skills. Please share your feedback with us, we will be happy to try and add that to our game!
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For some reason my rank of 180 went to 8 and I lost all progress. This game gets boring very fast and enough ads to make you insane. But once I lose progress the game gets uninstalled. My advice don't waste your time.
This is absolutely the worst game I ever played. 😠 The controls were horrible. I could not hardly make my character move. The graphics were horrible. Not nearly exciting as they looked in the pictures. The gameplay was awful. There was no sound. No music. I got disgusted with this game after only a minute or two. 😡


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